I am a PhD student at the University of Chicago working with Susan Goldin-Meadow. I also collaborate with Amanda Woodward and Howard Nussbaum.

I graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in Psychology where I got my first taste of research with Jennie Pyers. Then, I went on to work at the University College London to work with Pamela Perniss, Gabriella Vigliocco, and Gary Morgan. I also taught English at a bilingual German school for the Deaf on a Fulbright scholarship.

I am broadly interested in language and cognitive development, and I study gesture and signed languages to answer my questions. My research primarily focuses on:

  1. Do language learners use form-meaning resemblances – iconicity – to learn new words? How do learners use systematicity (e.g., reliable statistical patterns in form-meaning mappings) and iconicity in language learning?
  2. How does type of language input change the way we approach language learning?
  3. Is gesture helpful for learning and cognition due to its representational, imagistic format or modality?

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